What is Film Developing?

What is Film Developing?

One may ask “what is film developing? And what do they do?” Well, the film used in photography has the ability to record different images. If you want to make these images visible, the film needs to be chemically processed. The final result of these complex processes comes in a form of negatives or slides. This is commonly known as film developing. Different types of films need different processes; it takes one procedure to process black and white film and other for slide film.

Although the process of film developing can be performed even at home, if you want to get the best results you will need someone that is professionally involved in this area. Nowadays there are people who have bachelor or even higher degrees in film developing. If you are interested in becoming a professional film developer, first thing that you will need is joining a college where you can gain an art degree in this field.

There are many universities that are offering programs that can help you obtain a bachelor degree in this field such as: Daytona State College, Madison Media Institute, Central Lakes College in Minnesota etc.

After completion of a program you will acquire the needed technical knowledge and skills for film developing and you will be able to perform operations such as maintenance and operation of camera and equipment linked with the lighting, production and processing of finalized still, video and film products. Thanks to the experienced photographers, directors and editor you will be able to learn something more about the equipment and much more.

These programs usually last for 2-4 years depending on the level of education that you are aiming for. Keep in mind that in this profession you won’t need formal education but having an art degree is a big plus. You can also take some film developing courses. Also remember that finishing a college program doesn’t necessarily mean that you are ready to work on some big projects. It will take time to gain some experience in this field because most of the work is practical.

After you have finished with your formal education try to enter this world and make connections in order to gain credibility. Film developing is much more than it sounds. While you are at a college you will learn a lot more about the whole process and you will upgrade your technical knowledge too.

The opportunities that you will get with an art degree in this field are great. Most of the people in this field work in the movie industry, some even have their own production companies. The average payment can be difficult to determine because this occupation is very diverse and it surely depends on the level of education and the type of contract that you have. There are a lot of people in this field working as freelancers.

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