What is Expressionism

What is it?

The expressionism is a paradigm of art. This genre of art evolved in the beginning period of the 20th century. This art for was part of the modernist movement, all over the world. This art form opinionated in Germany, during the Second World War. This was a new art form, which was a big step towards the depiction of the emotional aspects that guide us around. It also depicts the underlying connection between various objects at a psychological level.

Who started it?

The origin of the expressionism finds it roots in the 1901. It is believed that the term is coined by Julien-Auguste Hervé, an obscure artist. He used to call his painting the ‘Expressionismes’. It is also believed that this word is an opposite to the art of impressionism. It is because of the fact that, in this art form, the artist expresses her of his perception of the world in a different way. There were several artists, who took up this form of art to express themselves, in a much better light.

Who popularized it?

This field of art started gaining its popularity from the mid of the century. More and more artists came up with this form of art. This was a platform for them to let their creativity flow. There are many evidences of this art form, which are not only beautiful, but are unique. Then slowly this art type spread out of Germany. Then the whole world came up with such paintings, which are simply exceptional.

Famous artists of the school of art

There are many in the world that has created a mark with their famous paintings of expressionism. These paintings are wonders in themselves, as the creators. Some of the most famous artist of this period of art is as follows:

  1. Vincent van Gauge
  2. Emil Nolde
  3. Franz Mark
  4. Egon Schiele
  5. Francis Bacon
  6. Helene Schjerfbeck

The list can go on and on, as this period has witnesses some of the most wonderful creations in the world of art.

The unique techniques that are used

In this form of art, the painter doesn’t paint what she or he sees. The base of this art form is to distort the image to produce a profound emotional effect on the mind of the viewer. The uses of darker colors are also another particularity of this field of art. The art of this period was abstract, but still has a meaningful expression hidden in them.


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