Types of Art Degrees

Types of Art Degrees

If you enjoy some form of art, then maybe a degree in art is right for you. And if you want to pursue a career somehow related to art, then it may be a no brainer. Some people think that there really aren't that many art degrees to choose from, but actually there are. Different art schools offer different programs and degrees, but chances are, there's a degree you can pursue that will jump start your career in the field of art.

There are several types of art degrees you may be able to choose from. Some art degrees include interior design and photography. These are considered to be art degrees. Even web and game design is technically considered to be an art degree. Here are some of the different types of art degrees you could earn:

Visual Communication and Graphic Design

This is a four-year program. A graduate will technically have a bachelor of fine arts. You learn the fundamentals of graphic design, marketing, and online communication. As a graphic designer/visual communicator, you may be able to work for companies doing logos and branding, work for publications like magazines and newspapers, or perhaps work in website graphics and elements. There are several possibilities for someone in this field.

An average graphic designer right out of college should expect to be earning around $43,000 per year. But, there is a lot of growth potential, depending on the company you are in. Also, the demand for graphic designers is expected to increase over the next few years.[1]

Interior Design

Interior design is the art of creating an effective setting for a range of human activities within an interior space[2]. These designers plan out and design various areas, from a personal home, to an office, to a restaurant. The field is constantly evolving as trends and new technology is available.

Most interior designers end up being self-employed. But if you wish to get a job right after getting your degree, an interior design degree is almost always mandatory. The degree will teach students to use computer programs to create 3 and 2-D designs, and they will also learn basic marketing. The average salary for an interior designer is around $46,300 per year with a growth rate at about 19% in this decade, which is about as fast as average[3].

Art History

If you are interested in history, and specifically the history of art, it's hard to find a better art degree for you. The degree allows you to focus on a time period of art, and study it. However, there isn't a huge demand for people with this degree. But, a degree in art history is required in order to do research or to teach in this field. You may be able to do other jobs with a degree in art history, such as curator in a museum, you may be able to work in an art gallery, or an auction house, or find a career in art law[4].


Unlike many other degrees, an associate's degree can be pursued in photography. If you want to be a photographer, you should consider a type of photography degree or fine arts degree with an emphasis in photography. Depending on exactly which degree you want may depend on what you want your career to be. Several photographers with degrees are self-employed, and the demand for good photographers is always high.

There are numerous different kinds of photography which you may be able to find your calling in. The list could go on for a while, but some types of photography include fashion, photojournalism, advertising, sports, portrait, and so on. Depending on your specialty, a career in photography may be a good choice financially as well as artistically.

Fashion Design and Merchandising

This degree covers and teaches you about both the artistic and business side of the fashion industry. You may have the opportunity to work in retail clothing stores, as a forecaster for upcoming styles and trends, showroom manager, or a fashion buyer, among several other career routes. It is helpful to have a good aesthetic eye, be able to predict upcoming fashion trends, and work well with fabrics, textiles, and accessories[5].

You may be able to earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in this competitive field, as well as a possible internship opportunity where you can hone in your skills and potentially meet industry insiders who may be able to help you with your career. In school, you may learn about marketing, buying, and retailing. You may get the opportunity to network and make potential connections and clients during this time as well.

Web Game and Design

A web game and design degree is fairly new to most schools. With the popularity of video games still on the rise, the need for more designers is continuing to soar as well. Designers create the content and rules of a game, design its play and storyline, and create an environment for those playing. They first come up with an idea and build from there, with possibly several changes made along the way. Their job is to help perfect the game and ready it for production and sales.

Game designers, on average, make around $43,500 per year with a bachelor’s degree[6]. With more experience may come a higher salary. The first step may be to earn your degree, gain the knowledge necessary, and then go after the job you are seeking.

When it comes to art degrees, there are several possibilities and routes one may be able to take. The key is to find what your passion is and take the necessary steps to execute your course of action. If that means earning your degree, do the research to see which school best suits your needs. Discovering a career path may take planning and effort. Decide which path is right for you and get started.


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