Top 5 Performing Art Schools in America

Top 5 Performing Art Schools in America

Top 5 Performing Arts Schools in America

Art project ideas call for lot of creativity. A general state of ‘everything has been done before’ has to be challenged and everyday new art project ideas are arising, focusing of different topics and ways of expression. Ranging from something as simple as drama performances to something as creative as painting in zero gravity, art project ideas are very versatile in nature. Formal education in arts is in many cases a prerequisite for top artists, giving credibility and authority to their works – let’s look at top 5 performing arts schools in America (*).

Number one on the list is The Juilliard School in New York City where there take special effort in talent recognition and recruitment. With famous actresses such as Laura Linney attending the school, you can be sure to get a high degree of educational quality. Art project ideas here are primarily drama based – you can try and do an innovative presentation of classical dramas.

If you like drama, Yale School of Drama in New Haven is one of the best there is in the field. Art project idea here is to sign in to the school and do modern art project – such as maybe theater is zero gravity. On the other hand, Tisch School of the Arts in New York City is even more esteemed – art project idea here can be from any area of arts – an example would be a liquid sculpture idea.

Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh is world famous because of the 6 winning Oscars from their graduates. Here acting or art direction project ideas can be realized – such as perhaps artistic depiction of Olympic Games for Artist for example. Last but not least is the University of North Carolina School of the Arts that is also known for their famous graduates. They will provide you with great educational background on which various art project ideas can be grown.

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