Top 11 Fashion Schools in the US

Fashion School

Fashion is glamour and glamour is related to the film industry of any country. The bigger the film industry is, the greater the fashion is. All the countries filled with fashion freaks have a strong media who promotes the fashion in that country or region. Fashion is breakable in a way that every country, every region or even every state has different nature of people present in it and they follow fashion according to their surroundings. This world is full of diversity and diversity comes in from different culture and traditions as in Mughal Empire had its own culture, Mesopotamians had their own culture. Culture is mainly reflected through the style of living and the most prominent thing about any style is its fashion. Fashion relates to mainly dressing and style.

If we talk about United States of America then USA has the biggest film industry; Hollywood. Due to Hollywood, USA has the most blooming fashion industry. There is a great scope of fashion industry in USA because people are too much into fashion whereas USA has the best fashion schools around the world side by side with France and United Kingdom. If you are seeking to flourish your life with a fashion career then it is very important that you get yourself enrolled in the best fashion schools of USA. I know you are out on holidays, enjoying summers on a beech but taking care of your career is more important. So start thinking about it and aim to get in the top fashion school. I have got the top 11 fashion schools here for you ranked by the fashion experts. So what is going to be your choice?

1.       Parsons School of fashion is at the top of the list. This is the most reliable and amazing fashion school because you can see a lot of famous names out there who are alumni of this fashion school. It provides students with sustainable approach of designing whereas they don’t bound their students and provide them with great opportunities of internships as well.

2.       Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising should be your pick if you are planning to design for TV or theatre. In other words if you are seeking a career as a designer for Hollywood or other kinds of media then FIDM is your option. FIDM offers many degrees in designing as in interior designing, graphic designing etc. but fashion designing come amongst the top of the list.

3.       Savannah College of Art and Design is one of the largest design programs worldwide whereas students of this college just got a chance to display their work in New York Fashion week.

4.       Fashion Institute of Technology is work oriented Institute which offers different work and internships for their students however they have got 43 majors related to designing.

5.       New York University is for those students who are seeking their career not as a fashion designer but as a fashion journalist.

6.       Academy of Art University is an art university which solely provides expertise in designing whereas knitwear design is also considered as a major.

7.       Pratt institute offers many design degrees whereas here you have got a chance to merge your fashion design with jewelry design and other designing majors.

8.       School of the Art Institute of Chicago is a world class fashion design program. If you solely want to be a fashion person then go for it.

9.       Kent State University could also be your option for fashion design and merchandizing.

10.   Rhode Island School of Design is a small sweet institute. If you hate to be the part of a bubble and want your own identity in your college program then this is your pick.

11.   Drexel University is again a great university solely for fashion design and merchandizing. You can consider this option if all the options I given before are not ok for you.