Ten Great Art Jobs

Ten Great Art Jobs

Art contains a gamut of professions and one may find great jobs if passion is followed in art. According to survey by BLS, over the next 7 years the job growth in the arts will be more than the overall growth rate in the industry. The growing interest of public in arts, science and history is the reason behind this estimate.

Ten great jobs art may offer you are*:

1.Graphic Designer:

This job is great and is known for the creativity required in the job because one can add as much creativity he wants to add to the design. Graphic designers may be hired by multinational companies depending on the kind of job required. They create visual concepts to communicate the ideas and images their clients need. The median annual wage of this profession is around $43,500 annually[1].


t is one of the toughest jobs where the art lies in your emotions and your ability to portray different characters. Actors may work in theater, film, TV, and other forms of media. They typically work on a job-to-job basis and may be represented by a talent agency and may attend acting school or classes. The salary range for an actor varies greatly from those who perform on big budget movies, to those who act in local theaters and so on.

3.Multimedia Artists:

People engaged in these jobs are multi-talented and require creativity. These also include animators who work with different segments of animations. They create visual effects and animations for many media mediums depending on who the client may be. On average, multimedia artists make $58,510 per year and are typically freelance professionals[2].

4.Script Writers:

Script writers hold a very important position in any art be it drama, be it movie, or be it a story. They are efficient in their writing skills and may develop original content for movies, TV, and other multimedia areas. Script writers earn around $55,420 per year[3], but this may vary based on popularity and who they typically write for.


Architects plan and design building and other structures. They consult with clients, draw, and use different computer software to create their designs. Architects typically need an advanced degree, internship, and licensure in their state in order to practice their craft. They make around $72,500 annually[4].

6.Interior Designers:

This is an evergreen demand which requires creativity, innovation and an eye for detail. They use their creativity and eye for aesthetics to create spaces that are functional as well as beautiful for their clients. This job typically requires a bachelor’s degree and on average, designers earn around $46,280 per year[5].

7.Landscape Architects:

These are a special kind of architects and can make a whole landscape from the scratch and are highly in demand by construction companies, movie makers and residential sites. The median salary for such job is $60k*.

8.Interpreters or Translators:

This calls for the interest in languages, they are in great need by diplomats, schools, courtrooms, and hospitals.  They translate and interpret, and their ability to understand gets them paid. The difference between the two is that interpreters convert information from one spoken language to another, and translators convert written materials from one language to another. The median salary is $43,300[6].


An interested in history may be necessary, and their interest takes them to the museums where they keep and take care of ancient artifacts and beautiful paintings. They may also be charged with conducting public service activities, using their knowledge to educate others on different subjects. The median salary is $42,310 annually[7].

10.Museum Technicians:

These professionals help the curators by preparing and taking care of items in museums. They may set up exhibits and carefully clean the objects they are charged with taking care of.

 Art was earlier seen as a profession which cannot fetch a lot of money but this has been proved wrong by many people who are earning millions.


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