Online Fine Arts Degree

Online Fine Arts Degree

When choosing an online school to get your Fine Arts degree, there may be several things to consider before making your selection. First, you should check to see if the schools you are looking at are accredited programs by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design*. It would be a shame for you to spend money on tuition at a school whose degrees are essentially meaningless in your field of study. Additional research may be necessary to ensure the school you choose is right for you.

In order to earn an online Fine Arts degree, there are a handful of educational requirements that most schools abide by in order to obtain your degree:

  • You must earn no less than a 2.0 grade average in all of your classes
  • Complete 126 credit hours are mandatory to receive your degree. Some schools require more, some less.
  • Fill out an application for your degree during your senior year to be eligible for graduation.

There is a great variety of careers you can get with an online Fine Arts degree, most of which revolve around the performing or visual arts.  An Art Director is possible with this type of degree. Art Directors can be in charge of numerous responsibilities from designing magazine covers, to creating music videos and entertainment.  In 2009, Art Directors made almost $92,000 for a yearly income**. 

Other jobs that can come along with an online Fine Arts degree range from teachers, to art critics and even photographers. Fashion designers, gallery curators and craft artists are also born from Fine Arts degrees.  A craft artist is someone who does a lot of work with sculpting and using different materials such as glass, clay and gems. Depending on what you would like your specialty to be, the possibilities could be vast.

Regardless of what type of job you want to have, an online Fine Arts degree may put you on the right path toward your dream career.  The possibilities may be endless and the sky is the limit when it comes to your future and the potential that it holds.  You may be able to earn a decent living and also have a job that you love.


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