Majors in Art

majors in art

There are many different majors in art and art degree programs to choose from. The common problem of people is that they find it hard to choose the most suitable one for them. These art degrees fill the needs of people who are trying to pursue the career in the art-related field. Even though not all of these art-related fields are requiring art degree, a degree can aid in terms of legitimizing the commitment to work in art. It may be obtained through conventional or online programs that accommodate various students.

Two Major Types of Art Degrees*:

  1. Fine Art or Applied Art – it focuses on the students’ development for their own artistic skill. It typically covers cultivating the understanding and awareness of the students’ regarding various artistic techniques and trends. However, practical work occupies a great portion of the subject.
  2. History of Art or Art History – it seeks to nurture the ability of the students to analyze and to understand artifacts from various perspectives such as philosophical, historical and cultural.

Through these 2 traditional pathway, there is a wide array of younger art courses that sprung up. These courses have been brought by new kinds of artistic creativity and new media that are in demand.

Other Art-related Programs and Courses**

  • Visual communication and graphic design – it is usually a 4-year program. The graduate will obtain bachelor of fine arts. It has been designed to instruct students of the graphic design fundamentals and online communication and marketing.
  • Photography – students may pursue a Bachelor of Arts or associate degree in photography and even bachelor of fine arts degree focusing in photography. There have been several degrees in photography studies, digital photography and photography.
  • Game and web design – it is one of the newest degree. This has been offered online by different online universities. It is a program that is offered in bachelor’s and associate degree.
  • Associate of arts – this is a 2-year degree program providing the students with fundamental understanding of the field within art.
  • Fashion design and merchandising – this can be taken with both bachelor’s and associate degree. It covers the business and artistic side of a fashion industry.
  • Interior design – the students will learn the ways to make 3D and 2D designs with computer programs.

These are only some of the interesting course and programs that can be taken for those who are seeking for other majors in art. Today, the number of students who are taking this course continually increases.

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