Interested in Acting Classes?

Interested in Acting Classes?

If acting chops are supposed to be something innate, then why is there a need for acting classes? Many people misconstrue acting as something akin to reading and memorizing scripts, and crying, laughing or going ballistic on cue.  But it’s farther than the truth.

Just like with any other artistic talent, acting needs to be forged in order for it to become a skill.  Nobody becomes a star overnight with acting talents alone. If your aspiration is to be an actor or actress, you may take courses to obtain a degree in Associates of Fine Arts for Acting. These classes offer you knowledge, insights, training and even hands-on experience in a more in-depth and structured way.  It has more perks, too! 

Taking classes in acting could:

  • Bring you out of your shell.  Got stage fright?  Are you extremely shy? Taking an acting class can make you face your (public speaking) fears by building up your confidence and teaching you techniques on how to keep yourself calm and focused when you’re in front of hundreds of people.  In addition, it will teach you how to protect yourself with poise, finesse and confidence.  
  • Make you well versed in literature.  Yes, acting classes can do that to you.  Where else can get more exposure to the famous works of well-known playwrights, from Shakespeare to Chekov? 
  • Give you a more in-depth understanding of the characters.  Many people mistake acting as merely reading out lines and crying and laughing when necessary.  But that’s not how acting is supposed to work.  In order for you to become a good thespian, you need to delve into the psyche of the character you’re portraying.  You need to know his or her inner-most thoughts, desires and motivations.  If you can, you need to be a psychologist in order to understand or portray the character better.  Think of your acting class as a crash-course in psychology.
  • It makes you a better writer.  You didn’t see this coming.  But if you want to gain more inspirations, create better characters and become more observant (a skill any writer must possess), then by all means, take acting classes.

Taking courses for Associates of Fine Arts for Acting may not be mandatory but it’s a good route to take. Moreover, if you decide you want to further your knowledge in acting you may also pursue your degree in Bachelors of Fine arts for Acting after completing the AFA. The rigorous training you undergo and, of course, the connections you make in your drama classes will certainly come in handy later on. 

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