Illustration Degree

Art is a form of free expression which is being in existence for centuries and it may continue to rule over human minds for many more years. Illustrators are part of this art group who work on a wide range of products including magazines, books, packaging, adverts and other interactive content. Illustrators are created by students who are better achievers in illustration degree*.

How to obtain the degree:

The Illustration degree is something which needs to be narrowed down, as the field of illustration is very broad. A student is encouraged to consider all possible contexts, subjects and styles until they find a suitable style that suits them. The degree is based on this selection and then the curriculum is designed such that the student can get the most out of it with the help of professional faculties.

What does the course offer?

The course offers a number of skills which engage the student and also keeps him professionally aware of the improvements. It also helps to solve problems, improve creativity and also creative writing. It helps gain an in-depth understanding of the field and industry. There are also trips offered to place of art and also internship programs with renowned artists so that you can gain experience in the field. This is highly useful when one is after work and this experience can help them in real situations and problems*.

Levels of Degree:

The Illustration degree is offered in three stages or levels like*:

Stage 1: A varied number of styles and techniques are taught to the student and he or she learns the broad range trying to understanding the basics of illustration. This means that the student gains a strong foundation of knowledge.

Stage 2: The faculty help the students in such a way that they begin to form a basic understanding of their personal style. The student understands the path and the process and tries to bridge a career path with what he learns.

Stage 3:  Once the student is confident about the individual style and technique they start producing samples of work and preparing a portfolio which helps them to get internship jobs at varied places. The student’s work during this time may ensure jobs later after the completion of the degree.

Educational Requirements:

For bachelor’s degree, a good high school mark sheet with recommendations may be enough. And for a master’s degree standardized test scores along with strong recommendations and a quality portfolio is needed to get the admission. Besides all these a student must have the eye for art and beauty and must be able to be creative in his work.


Career Outlook:

Some of the career opportunities which are being provided to graduates of Illustration degree are**:

  • Freelance Illustrator
  • Works in Advertising, animation, publishing, television.
  • As part of a design group
  • Career in studio management
  • Postgraduate opportunities
  • Career in Art direction

There are a number of illustrator jobs for the graduates and it mostly involves specialization chosen during the time of obtaining an Illustration degree.


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