How to be Creative

How to be Creative

Creativity is a highly valued quality in today’s world. Many are of on opinion that someone is born with a natural sense of creativity. Although this is true in most cases, creativity can be taught or stimulated. There are several ways of how to become creative and versatile while working on different topics. Psychologists who study creativity in humans are seeing a pattern of behavior in creative people that are in some cases lacking in people who are not thought of as being primarily creative. Here are a few tips on how to get creative.

Creativity is all about neuron connections in the brain. The interesting thing is that making new connections in real like is the primary stimulant for creativity and creative thought. Making new connections give us a chance to come in contact with different fields of works – different knowledge and ways of thinking. Reading books on different topics is also bound to give us new knowledge to work with when we try to have a creative idea. Using the analogies the mind can more easily link things together and enables one to work on many different projects at the same time – this too adds to our creative juices flowing. Using multiple methods to solve the same problem is also an approach that is seen with creative people – they tend to think about various options to solve a certain problem and are always seeking novel mechanisms of problem solving.

Learning from failure is one of key attributes of creative people. One has to keep in mind to don’t treat failure as something bad – failure is simply a solution of the problem that didn’t work. In such a way, one is stimulated to find another way of solving the same problem – hence the creative pattern arises naturally. Avoiding excessive attachment to one’s ideas is also the basis for creativity giving you freedom and required space to broaden your horizons.

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