Fast Growing Art Careers

Art Careers
  • Some Art careers are increasing in terms of potential daily. A lot of people think pursuing a career in the Arts mean becoming a couch potato with half-baked paintings in an untidy home office and so on; however there is more than one side to this coin. Firstly, being in the Arts is not necessarily the same as being an artist with a paint and brush. If you are on the creative field and looking to scale up by going for a fast growing Art career, then you should know that there are so many art careers that do not need paint and brush and are enjoying increased demand daily.

The Interior Design field is enjoying a 20% growth rate. People are always going to want their homes, offices etc. to look beautiful. If you think about it, it is a work of Art too as so many factors need to be considered and balanced for people to appreciate and admire the work done. To be an interior designer, you need to have a bachelor’s degree and an apprenticeship. Also, a familiarity with CAD is an added advantage. Interior Designers need to be able to think outside the box; use and consider factors people would not ordinarily think of. Landscape Architecture has also had about 21% increase in recent times. A golf course can look completely natural but it is all planned out and executed courtesy of the Landscape Architect.

Multi- Media Artists and Animators have had a growth of about 30 % lately. These days, 3Ds are the craze and it does not look like it is letting up any time soon either. Actors are also artists. The field is also enjoying a 13% increase and can pay pretty well too. Museum Curating is another fast growing field in the Arts. Curators decide where each piece should be placed and exhibited in a museum.

These Art careers are growing quite fast, if you love the arts, it would be better to get in while there’s still room. 

All of these careers require a degree, search to find degrees, schools, and programs that are right for you!