Fashion Design Degree Information for Future Designers

Fashion Design Degree

The growing trend in fashion design today is expected to further improve in the next coming years because of the versatility of clothing genre and the worldwide innovation of fashion. Notice that every year, there are new and unique styles being developed and additional collections are enhanced. Furthermore, some old fashion statements tend to make a comeback with considerable changes.

To be more specific, fashion design is the art of creating clothing masterpieces. The creation of suites, dresses, gowns, casuals, and even bathing suits are possible because of the fashion designing industry. However, it is not easy to be a fashion designer. You should have a sense of style, be artistic, and have the natural talent to put some class in your designs. You should have authenticity, beauty, and integrity for you to be noticed. Fashion designing might not be as popular as Fine Arts, Marketing, or other business-related courses. This is because this requires great inclination and skills in designing and innovating clothing products. So this course is not really for everyone.

As far as Fashion design degree is concerned, not all universities or educational institutions offer this kind of course. There are some that offer this as a specialty, but probably just a handful. In order to work in the industry of fashion, you should have at least completed an Associate of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree in fashion design. Students have a specialized training in fashion illustration, drafting of pattern, construction and draping, and clothing design. At the same time, you are taught history and fashion techniques of production.

To market your designs, you also get to learn about accounting, business management, and basic marketing, on top of the technical and creative aspect of the degree. Moreover, in this field, subjects like advertising, presentation, inventory control of the styles and concepts, and trend forecasting are also taught.

There are a number of schools that can develop and hone your talents and skills in designing. These exclusive schools produce top quality graduates that eventually become successful in fashion designing. The top eight schools for fashion design include the following:

First on the list is the American Intercontinental University that offers Bachelor in Fashion Marketing and Design. This school is in Georgia and the first requirement is that you should be a high school graduate from this school. Second is the International Academy of Design and Technology that specializes in Fashion Design and Merchandizing. This school offers a classroom -based setting for conducive learning. Another school is the Rocky Mountain College of Arts and Design that offers a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Design Strategy and Innovation. This school offers online courses.

Some schools that offer specialized training on fashion design include Southern New Hampshire University, Penn Foster Career School, Ashworth College, Bryant and Stratton College, and The Arts Institute. These schools have exemplary fashion design modules for students in a classroom-based setting or online environment.

When you hold great inclination to fashion design, you should always attempt to live your dreams. You deserve the best so you need to belong to a school that specializes arts and designs to help you develop and enhance your fashion designing skills. Dream high and be a prominent fashion designer.