Famous Artists: Past and Present

The evolution of world of art

Painting has always been such a field of art which has seen a lot of changes. From the cave painting to the modern art, this form has always been the most popular way of expressing oneself and the world around. Let’s have a look at the ones who have dominated the various styles of painting.


This style of art was a revolution against the traditional values and believes, and an urge to break free from them. This was an open challenge to the art of realism. It bought a new wave of changes in culture and trend along with it. One of the most famous artists of this period is Jackson Pollock.


This style of work is important because it emphasized on discarding the studio work, and instead uses the natural light for painting. This school of art emphasized on the fact that it is the light that the human sees. Some of the most famous artists of the period are Frederic Bazille, Mary Cassatt, Paul Cedanne, Eugene Boudin and many more.


As opposed to the art of Impressionism, this art form was developed. In this art form, the original image is painted in a distorted manner. This helps in creating a profound effect on the mind of the viewers. It compels them to have a self check on the psychological level. Most famous artist of this period is Vincent Van Gauge, Francis Bacon and many more.

Outsider art

In this art form, the subject matter is not taken from the mainstream society. It takes a different path. The subject matters which are chosen are considered to be ‘out of the normal art’. It is also referred to as the raw art. The first art form was created on the inmates of a mental asylum. Adolf Wölfli, Jean Dubuffet, Miroslav Tichý, etc. are some of the most famous artist of the period.


In this genre of painting the photographs from the camera are used for gathering the basic information. Then from that the painting is created, which appears to be very realistic. The painting which have been done with this style appears to be exceptionally real life like. Some of the popular painters of this art are John Beader, Tom Blackwell, Robert Cottingham and many more.

Wrapping up

The world of art has always been an influencing factor in the origination of various movements. It has always depicted the want of the contemporary period, and the urge to do better.

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