Careers with an Art Degree

Careers with an Art Degree

Despite the growing bias in the media and elsewhere against liberal arts degrees, the fact is that unemployment among college graduates is substantially less when compared to others even for careers with an art degree. In fact, most people are eventually successful in finding careers within their field of study.  This is no different for students who have studied and earned their degrees in art. There are several art degree careers to choose from, many of which offer relatively high paying work. Here are ten of the most popular jobs to pursue with an art degree:


Institutions and private collectors alike want to know more about the art they own and how much it is worth. As such, they hire knowledgeable appraisers who can analyze the holdings and produce a realistic estimate of the value.


Critical analysis of art is an important function as it allows for new artists to be discovered as well as for trends to emerge. Newspapers, journals, blogs, and other publications hire critics who have a background in art studies to review the work of individuals artists and critically assess the merits of their creations. 


When expensive pieces of art are damaged, skilled professionals are hired by museums and private collectors to restore the works back to their former glory. These restoration experts are highly proficient artists themselves who have an extensive background in art studies.


The appreciation of art is considered to be an important part of a functioning, educated society. As such, elementary and secondary schools hire individuals to teach students the basic concepts of art as well as to instill in them an appreciation for the subject which will hopefully remain throughout their lives.


Everyone from children's book publishers to magazines to online blogs are looking for talented illustrators who use their art as a way to communicate important ideas to the public.

Web Site Designer

Many artists have turned their attention to the web, where the skill of producing amazing graphics is in demand by software developers and online companies. These graphics are used to create a better user experience and drive more traffic to a web site, app, or software program. 

Game Designer

Gaming is a huge industry in the United States, producing approximately $75 billion in worldwide sales each year. Games have become incredibly complex, not just in terms of their programming but aesthetics as well. As such, these gaming companies employ teams of artists to create amazing backgrounds and characters which are then brought to life in the game itself. 

Tattoo Artist

Not every tattoo artist learned their trade in prison. In fact, today the average artist will be just that -- a trained artist. As tattoos have grown in popularity, more enthusiasts today demand better quality artwork which only trained, proficient artists can deliver.  Upscale tattoo shops are now found in larger cities and offer designs that truly are masterpieces.

Landscape Designer

This is also another area which has grown increasingly complex, as more homeowners seek to have customized designs created that accommodate the look of their homes.  Artists have a better eye for this kind of work than other people. So many have became landscape experts who help homeowners to achieve amazing results.

Museum Curators

Curators provide educational tours and instruction to individuals and groups of people who are visiting museums of art. A background in art studies helps for these professionals to highlight important historical developments in the art world and bring to life the artists who created many of the works that hang from the walls of museums across the country. 

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