Audio Production Degree

Audio Production Degree

An Audio Production Degree is a degree that students can hope to attain in music to further their career in sound, audio or music engineering. An Audio Production Degree often takes around three to four years to complete and it is a course and a degree where students can learn technical skills, critical analysis, development and creativity when applying these skills to a career in sound, culture, music, dance, performing arts, media and audio.


The course is exciting for students as it is very dynamic and holds many job prospects once completed and placed on your resume. The University of Lincoln * demands that students enrolling on this degree have a minimum 280 points before being permitted on the honorary course.


Throughout studying for the audio production degree will be able to work in modern, state of the art audio studios where they can learn the basics of mixing, musical production, sound manipulation, editing and mixing or dubbing for musical productions.


There are three levels of the Audio Production Degree that students must follow when studying this course; the first level includes electronic music production, representation, recording several tracks at the same time, learning about the principles of audio, and editing sound for video or visual representations. This could be in advertising, film, theatre or just in the studio.


In some modules such as the one at SAE * Institute it is possible to take an Audio and Music Production Degree in as little as 24 months. There is a strong theory learning curve and a module that specifically targets music, audio and performing arts among others.


An Audio Production Degree will focus on areas involved with sound in gaming production, web development, digital film production, 3D animation, electronic and dance music, and general audio production. Just about anywhere you may hear sound in the media or as a live act will have involved the skills of an audio production specialist who would well have taken a degree.


To select the right school or college to learn audio production in the US you will have to consider the kind of career goals you have set for yourself. Those wanting entry-level work in the media, such as radio and television, may want to train as a recording technician or audio producer in radio. The course often involves taking a 24 month long course at universities such as the Full Sail * University in Florida.


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