Art Schools in California

Art Schools in California

Are you interested in pursuing a Fine Arts Degree? It may be a good career option for the people who are creative and have excellent artistic skills. But one of the most crucial decisions is to opt for a college or university that provides the right opportunity for growth. Though there are several art schools where you can seek admission, programs offered in California are known to be some of the best destinations providing the finest art programs to the interested students. The colleges of California provide both the under-graduate as well as post graduate courses in different areas like painting, photography, graphic design, textile and many more.

Here are some of the top Art Schools in California that offer the best experience for the students.

1. Art Center College of Design- Pasadena, CA

The college is located in Pasadena and offers fine art programs in the major disciplines only. If you are eager to be a part of this college, just gather the details of the admission process and apply to any of the fine art courses keeping in mind your interest. The college was founded in 1930 and is one of the reputed institutes of California. Students may earn a degree in entertainment, photography, fine art, and graphic design, among several other programs*.

2. California College of the Arts

This is one of the most famous art colleges of California established in the year 1907. It is one of the oldest art colleges providing top notch education to the students interested in fine art programs, with emphases on the study of art, architecture, writing, and design**. In total there are 1800 students studying in this college with its campus being located in two different cities; Oakland and San Francisco. Some of the undergraduate programs that are offered by this college include Bachelor of Architecture (BArch), Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and Bachelor of Arts (BA). After completing the undergraduate programs, the students may also enroll in the postgraduate programs or master’s degree.

3. California State University, Long Beach

Established in the year 1949, this college offers a variety of fine art programs. These include general fine arts, design and animation, sculpture art, digital, applied arts, performing arts and much more. In all these disciples, you can pursue both the graduate as well as postgraduate programs; therefore you can seek admission in any one of the courses depending on the eligibility criteria. The art degree received from this college holds great importance and will prove useful in finding a good job.

4. California Institute of Arts

Referred to as Cal Arts, this institute is one of the finest in California with all types of undergraduate and post graduate programs available for the students. Cal Art contained six schools, including art, dance, and theater. Student may work towards their Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree, and may also proceed on to get their Master of Fine Arts (MFA). Recently the college was ranked as the 7th best art school in the nation and providing brilliant opportunities to grow and excel in their field*.

5. University of Southern California

Roski School of Fine Arts is dedicated to visual arts, and welcomes those interested in courses in media, drawing, photography, design, and much more***. These programs combine a mixture of tradional with contemporary to give their students a full-range academic experience. First organized in 1883, it is the oldest art school in Southern California****.


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