Art Careers

What is Film Developing?

One may ask “what is film developing? And what do they do?” Well, the film used in photography has the ability to record different images. If you want to make these images visible, the film needs to be chemically processed. The final result of these complex processes comes in a form of negatives or slides. This is commonly known as film developing.

Want to Become a Commercial Photographer?

Commercial photography is a term used for photography for which the photographer is getting fee for images rather than works of art. Commercial photographers are taking pictures for commercial use like taking photography for adverts, product placement and merchandising. Over the time commercial photography has evolved and nowadays we can talk about several other sub-types of commercial photography such as advertising photography, food photography, fashion photography, wedding photography, wildlife photography, crime scene photography etc.

What is a Graphic Designer?

If a person loves to design or communicate with different types of people through pictures or different unique designs, have a keen eye in colors and form, and is very creative and imaginative, then Graphic design is perfect for them!

5 Basic Skills for Photographer Today

The basic of photography has not changed much since the beginning of photography. The main objective is still to work with light to create the best photos. The modern approach is based on capturing light very specifically and these specifics lay path to everything that is new in 21st century photography. Here are some basic skills a photographer today should know about

#1 Long exposure photography

How to Become a Sculptor

There are artists by hobby and there are artists by profession. Now, there is a dignified accomplishment knowing that artists become successful in their given field of profession. Sculptors are considered to be one of the most successful fine artists in our modern society as they are able to create masterpieces via artworks that are in its three dimensional form. They are even innovative enough to make their own opus in a range of mediums such as wood, clay, or metal. Their works of arts are commonly being featured in museums, galleries, and even in private collector establishments.

How to Become an Elementary School Art Teacher

Elementary school art teachers are the key source to our future Michelangelo’s, and Picassos. They mold the young minds of the new generation in both public and private schools to hone their creative skills in an environment where students can express themselves freely and have lots of fun while learning the history and learn how to appreciate art work.

Job Outlook for Graphic Designers

The careers of graphic designers will significantly grow and expand in the coming years. Many individuals from different parts of the world are already professional graphic designers but there are still some who are still aspiring to be one. The good news is that these people can now have a higher chance of making their dreams come true in a shorter period of time.

How to Become an Illustrator

How to Become an Illustrator

Art is a form of free expression which is being in existence for centuries and it may continue to rule over human minds for many more years. Illustrators are part of this art group who work on a wide range of products including magazines, books, packaging, adverts and other interactive content. Illustrators are created by students who are better achievers in illustration degree*.

A Career in Film

A Career in Film

Has it always been your dream to work in the film industry or produce your own movie? With a career in film, you generally have the opportunity to create visual projects in digital production, editing, sound, directing, producing for fiction, documentaries, and screenplays. You typically need solid background knowledge of cinema and media history if you want to pursue a career in film.