Architectural Design Schools in the U.S.

Architectural Design Schools in the U.S.

If you are looking for good Architectural Design Schools in the U.S. and having the hardest time trying to pin one down, then keep reading this article! We broke down some of the highest ranked schools for Architectural Design that may help push you on your way to a great career path.

The world renowned schools of Yale and Harvard regularly rank among the best universities that offer degrees, courses and programs in architectural design. But it's no secret that getting into these schools is difficult and only the very best will make the grade. However, the good news is that the U.S. has several universities that accommodate students that want to further study in architectural design.

The Columbia College in New York is a well-known campus that has extensive programs in architectural design in its curriculum. Earning a major in architectural design gives students an opportunity to explore this subject in great detail. There are several courses that will help students learn the disciplines of culture, history, theory and architectural design. Technical skills will have to be developed and students are encouraged to offer criticism of architecture as well as praise and innovation.

The majors and degrees are offered at Columbia allow students to take full advantage of its many resources. In the college, students will first take up a mandatory sequence of courses starting with two design courses allowing students to be gently introduced to the subject of architectural design. Made up mainly of lectures, the first course is Perceptions of Architecture and is often a program that is taken parallel with the Abstraction and Perception of Architectural Design.

Throughout the first term (or semester) students will take Architectural Design I, usually in what the college calls the "Junior Year." Architectural Design II is taken in the second or senior year. A similar curriculum can be studied at another one of America's top schools for majoring in Architectural Design: Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology focuses on a wide range of perspectives which link together many concerns of a similar nature: site, context, usage and form, construction methods and building materials, and an outline of what an architect actually does. Context is considered architectural forms that exist already and those being proposed, and compares how these designs fit in with society. The architect is a person that ultimately shapes a completed structure and then goes on to change to physical landscape of all the works, structures and buildings that may go up around the original architectural design.

Other architectural design colleges in the U.S. that rank among the best are Rice University and Cornell University in New York.

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