5 Basic Skills for Photographer Today

The basic of photography has not changed much since the beginning of photography. The main objective is still to work with light to create the best photos. The modern approach is based on capturing light very specifically and these specifics lay path to everything that is new in 21st century photography. Here are some basic skills a photographer today should know about

#1 Long exposure photography

This technique produced dramatic effects if you are using a 500px or something in that vicinity. This technique came into picture with advanced digital cameras capable of producing long exposure imagines better and before. With older cameras one has to think about and do guesswork, and also count on luck to create such pictures – with today’s cameras long expose became easy to achieve.

#2 Light Painting

If you want to talk about fastest growing techniques, you are going to stumble upon light painting – and for a good reason. The method gives limitless possibilities and creates stunning arts photos if it is done correctly. Light painting utilizes the long exposure techniques with in-frame or out-of-frame light sources creating illuminating patterns at specific locations in the photos.

#3 HDR Photography

With modern cameras, HDR photography became not only possible, but much demanded type of photography. HDR shots are finished through post-processing workflow, that’s why HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, coinciding with bright and dark levels seen in photographs.

#4 Panoramic

Panoramic pictures became alive with iPhone 5 offering amateur panoramic photos. The professional photographers quickly started from that by creating multiple cuts and separations in multiple pictures to create a novel art form.

#5 Camera Angle Adjustments

An old technique known with non-digital photography is again coming back big time with digital cameras offering camera angle adjustments in post-processing workflows. This technique is little known today, but is bound to make an impact in the future.

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