3 Audio Degree Programs Overview

Audio Degree Program

The technological world is fast paced and very dynamic. This means that because of the way that things change in the technological front, one has to be armed with the skills that are needed to not only work with what they have but to also adapt when the need arises. The ability to adapt and knowing how and where to apply it is one of the skills that keep anyone working in the audio industry afloat. But learning this skills and actually knowing where and when to apply it is not inborn. Not for a lot of people anyway.

In almost all the cases, what you need to grow, learn and survive in this challenging environment is learnt from university. The conclusion is therefore that if you need to be the best of the best in the audio industry you have to have taken the appropriate degree in university. Apart from doing this, you must have also enrolled for the right audio degree seeing that there are so many out there and so many different universities offering them. Here are three of the most sought after audio degrees in the world.

3 Audio Degree Programs Overview

1. Bachelor of science in Audio production

This degree deals with the ability to not only record audio when needed to but also how to manipulate it in order for it to fit the occasion. Some of the things that you study in this degree include:

·         Live sound production

·         Broadcast production

·         Recording audio for video the right way and

·         live sound production.

You also get to learn how to record and mix both digital and analogues digital formats so as to ensure that no matter what you have on your plate, you are able to handle. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as radio producer, audio engineer, promoter, sound engineer or assistant sound technician.

2. Bachelor of Science (BS) or Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Audio Engineering Technology

This degree is offered as a major in most of the universities it is offered at. It is designed for those who are looking to get gainful employment in fields such as the manufacturing, operation, application and maintenance of both digital and analogue audio systems. People who take this degree also find themselves facing music reproduction, recording, processing and reinforcement systems as their daily tasks when they are employed. Apart from that, they are also taught how to use the technologies and skills so acquired to produce sound for film, television, radio and computer games.

3.Bachelor of Science in Sound Engineering

This degree is offed specially for the students who demonstrate abilities in both engineering and music.  It is also for those who are interested in audio equipment design, electrical engineering and music technology including production and recording. In most of the universities where this degree is offed, students are required to either take Electrical Engineering beforehand or take it as a minor in addition to the Bachelor of Science in Sound Engineering. This means that if you are looking to enroll for this audio degree, you have to demonstrate above par abilities and performance in the sciences.